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I was there. 10.9.15

The San Jose Barracuda was born as the Worcester Sharks relocated to San Jose and became the San Jose Barracuda, sponsored by Barracuda Networks. After the team was named after the Silicon Valley based security software and hardware vendor, Barracuda Networks pulled out of the sponsorship, leaving their mark forever on the team. Now they don't have a primary sponsor but they do yet, exist. A talk about where they have come from, and where we think they are going moving forward. #sjsharks #sjbarracuda #cudacountry

Memories of the first San Jose Barracuda game ever
The first year team, where are they now?
Cuda sign Tristin Langan formerly of the Moose Jaw Warriors
This week’s trades
This week’s signings
Remaining free agents
Joshua’s trip to Montreal
Food delivery drivers might eat your food
Our planet is dying
Man finds frozen baby in mom's freezer in south St. Louis
Rage Cage is all the rage
Drunken Airline Pilot Arrested
HalfBeard’s Movie Reviews


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What is hate speech? Many things but one of them is dishonesty, and to me, that’s one of the worst forms of hate speech. Dishonest people suck and sometimes, people do dumb crap. If you do stuff like that, we might call you out, objectively without violating your rights. We want discussion not confrontation. We want to build a community of light hearted, like minded folks who get jokes! I get jokes!

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Just so we are very clear, we are just people doing a talk show, we are not part of the organization that resides on Autumn ave in San Jose, but rather huge enthusiasts of said organization.

#sharksforlife #sharks365

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