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Right to shelter?
Right to cheat public transit?
Public Transit in Hong Kong is pretty hosed
Deep Fakes are a serious security threat
Creative ways to smuggle cocaine
A non-creative way to get caught smuggling cocaine
Climate Change - A Dire Situation?
Facebook forced to PAY UP
Hyperloop Travel is on deck
HalfBeard on Hollywood
States and Capitals
Flames sign Bennett to two-year, $5.1M deal
Mitch Marner Watch


"We are committed to combating mean and hateful speech on our show. We wll, however, call you out for being dumb. That’s called humor and satire, and while that can be frowned upon a bit these days, it is not yet illegal here in ‘Murica” to make fun of stuff.

What is hate speech? Many things but one of them is dishonesty, and to me, that’s one of the worst forms of hate speech. Dishonest people suck and sometimes, people do dumb crap. If you do stuff like that, we might call you out, objectively without violating your rights. We want discussion not confrontation. We want to build a community of light hearted, like minded folks who get jokes! I get jokes!

The Cuda Phil Show reminds you to: LISTEN WITH CAUTION!

The views and opinions on this show are those of the folks on the show, and not that of any entity that we discuss.

Just so we are very clear, we are just people doing a talk show, we are not part of the organization that resides on Autumn ave in San Jose, but rather huge enthusiasts of said organization.

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